Living with multiple medicines

Living with multiple medicines: an in-depth examination of experiences and management of multiple medicines


Living with Multiple Medicines project is an in-depth examination of people’s experiences and management of multiple medicines. This project aimed to improve our understanding of people’s experiences of medicines and their health and illness, and provide resources to support people living with a wide variety of health conditions, their families, friends and the health professionals involved in their care. Our researcher traveled around Australia to talk to 40 people (including 5 doctors and 1 pharmacist) in their own homes or workplaces about issues such as:

  • how they feel about taking multiple medicines;
  • communicating with others; and
  • problems they had with their medicines and how these were resolved.

As with all Healthtalkonline projects, participants were men and women from varied backgrounds in terms of age, cultural and socio-economic background, geographic location and sexuality. Their stories were a video or audio-recorded then analyzed to capture both overall findings from all interviews, as well as individual stories, illustrated by video, audio, and written excerpts.

Through the Living with Multiple Medicines project, participants’ information is used in several ways:

  • to develop support and information resources for people using multiple medicines;
  • for research: to find out what is important to people using multiple medicines;
  • to train health and social care professionals; and
  • to enable visitors to the Living with Multiple Medicines website (below) to see and hear participants share their personal stories on film.

Healthtalk Australia website module (located on the NPS MedicineWise website):

Living with Multiple Medicines

Funding Body:

NPS MedicineWise


Dr. Jacqueline Tudball, Lead Investigator

Dr. Lorraine Smith, Co-Investigator

Ms. Margaret Williamson, Team Leader,  NPS MedicinesWise

Advisory Panel:

Alice Bhasale, formerly at NPS MedicinesWise

Ric Day, Professor, University of New South Wales

Sue Healey, consumer representative

Elizabeth Manias, Professor, University of Melbourne

Kath Ryan, Associate Professor,  La Trobe University

Sarah Spagnardi, NPS MedicinesWise

Margaret Williamson, NPS MedicinesWise

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